80 Acres Online – Wildlife management and prairie restoration on a local scale in Texas.  Great website and blog!

10,000 Birds – Mike, Charlie and Corey serve up the latest bird and birding news.

A DC Birding Blog – John blogs on birds, with a good scattering of moths and other insects.  He’s actually in New Jersey these days, but who’s counting?

Animals in the News – my friend Wendee Holtcamp’s Animal Planet blog.

Beetles in the Bush – Ted McRae’s very informative beetle blog.

Birdchick – Sharon’s always-interesting birding blog.

Birdfellow – Dave Irons and friends writing about all things bird.

Boreal Bird Blog – my friend Jeff Wells, senior scientist for the Boreal Songbird Initiative, keeps us up to date on the conservation of the boreal forest and the birds that breed there.

Bug Eric – the blog of Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America author Eric Eaton.

Bug Girl’s Blog – fun, quirky exploration of the world of insects, with occasional forays into politics, culture, and other topics.

Chip Notes – the buzz on what’s happening at Cornell’s Ebird project.

Cool Green Science – the conservation blog of The Nature Conservancy.

Jeffreyagordon.commy friend Jeff Gordon’s blog.  Jeff is a superb birder, tour leader, and speaker.

The Marvelous in Nature – Seabrooke Leckie’s wonderful nature observations from Ontario.

Myrmecos Blog – Alex Wild’s very cool ant blog.

Nature Blog Network – just what it sounds like!  A great place to explore the nature blogosphere.

North American Moths -Seabrooke Leckie’s moth blog.

Reconciliation Ecology – Madhu Katti’s blog is eclectic, well-written, and always informative.

The Conservation Report – the latest environmental news and buzz.

Links: – Jack Siler’s tremendous compilation of birding links and listserv archives

eBird – Record, share, and explore your bird sightings while contributing to a massive database of avian knowledge. – A user-built photo repository that is an incredible resource for identifying pictures of invertebrates and generally learning about “bugs”!

Moth Photographer’s Group – Another superb user-driven compilation of identified photographs, this time specializing on moths.